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Mad Greens Fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club of the East ValleyMAD Greens’ “Free Salad Day” Benefits Local Boys & Girls Club

Donations collected benefit youth at Tempe Boys & Girls Club

Tempe, AZ (July 14, 2015) – On Thursday, June 25, MAD Greens held their grand opening at the new Tempe Marketplace store and presented a check to the Ladmo Branch-Tempe Boys & Girls Club in the amount of $1,073.  This donation will help to support academic, sports, and character and leadership development programs at the Ladmo Branch-Tempe with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley.  The Tempe branch is just one of 12 clubs with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley (BGCEV), who serve more than 36,000 kids and teens annually.

“One of the reasons we host Free Salad Day is to help support great local charities like Tempe’s Ladmo Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley,” says MAD Greens Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Marley Hodgson. “Getting involved in our local communities is part of the fabric of MAD Greens. We love doing it and it was an honor to raise funds and awareness for this local organization that serves such a valuable role in the East Valley.”

“As a club we are working to provide our kids with fun, educational and positive opportunities that keep them safe and help them to get a step ahead,” said Kellen Baker, Ladmo Branch-Tempe staff member.  “Our staff, board members and kids are grateful for the MAD Greens employees and customers who are helping us provide quality programs and opportunities for our youth.”

“Nourishing our gets with better-for-you food is a big focus at MAD Greens. Working with the Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley’s Ladmo Branch allowed us to help provide a different, but equally as important, kind of nourishment,” continues Hodgson of MAD Greens. “Funds raised during Free Salad Day go towards programs that help keep more than 36,000 Valley youths active and learning while school is out of session.”

Every day, 15 million kids nationwide (1 out of 3) leave school with no place to go, putting them at risk of being unsupervised and potentially unsafe. During the summer, an alarming 43 million (3 out of 4) kids in America lack access to summer learning programs, increasing their risk of learning loss and putting them at a disadvantage before the school year even starts.  The types of activities and individuals a child spends their time with after school and during the summer significantly impacts the path they take in life. Children and teens can participate in the Club’s structured programs, such as homework help, sports teams, art classes, leadership development and community service.

MAD Greens and BGCEV are reaching more kids and helping them on the path to a Great Future.  For more information on how to enroll your child with the BGCEV, or on how you can help support our kids, clubs and programs, please call 480-820-3688, or visit our website @