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Arizona Off-Road & Sand Expo is Proud to Support the Boys & Girls Club

(Phoenix, Arizona) – Arizona Off-Road & Sand Expo is excited to share its donation to the Boys & Girls Club here in Arizona. The Boys & Girls Club has been around since 1963 and continuing to be a huge part of our children’s growth. Many children have no adult supervision after school. Studies have shown that the hours between 3 and 8 p.m. are the hours that most kids are likely to get involved with crimes, be victims of crime or engage in other risky behavior. The Clubs provide an alternative to the dangers of the streets. Moreover, the Clubs provide stimulating activities that help build character, self-esteem, values and skills.

The Arizona Off-Road & Sand Expo is giving out 5,000 free tickets to members of the East Valley Boys & Girls Club (BGCEV). In Addition to the tickets, they are giving 10% of the full paid price admission to the BGCEV.  Andy Myers, promoter of the Sand Expo, vision from the very beginning of the shows conception was that he wanted to bring in and support the youths Arizona as much as possible. “This appears to be the start of a great tradition with the Expo. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America do so much for the youth, which are the future of the USA. I believe in the work of the BGCEV, I believe in the youth, and I believe this is a great way to support the future generations of the USA. Inviting the youth to the event is a great way to expose our Arizona kids to the amazing off-road community.  The families that make up the Off-Road community are some of the best, and strongest knit families in the USA. It is important for kids to not only see this positive atmosphere in their homes, schools, and sports, but also in the communities around them. The Off-Road Community is very happy to have the BGCEV at this year Arizona Off-Road & Sand Expo.” says Myers.
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