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THANK YOU in advance for your support of Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley. 100% of your tax credit donation will go towards helping us provide educational and youth development programs and opportunities for our more than 36,000 youth served at our 11 East Valley branches and charter school each year.

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How Your Arizona Tax Credit Can Help Our CLUB KIDS!

Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization (Formerly know as the Working Poor)
All Arizona taxpayers qualify for a 2016 "tax credit" of $800/married couples and $400/individuals on your state taxes through the Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. This is a straight deduction from your Arizona state taxes. You also have the opportunity to support our Mesa Arts Academy through the Arizona Public School Tax Credit.

1)  Working Poor Tax Credit  = $800    

2)  Public Schools Tax Credit  = $400
TOTAL REFUND from your Arizona state taxes   =   $1200!

Arizona Public Schools Tax Credit Information ~ Mesa Arts Academy
Arizona taxpayers ALSO qualify for the Public Schools Tax Credit of $400/married couples and $200/individualsThis is a straight deduction from your Arizona state taxes!  The Mesa Arts Academy was recently named an Arizona "Lighthouse" School, ranking in the top 4% of all public schools in the state.  Your support will help us to continue to provide top-rated academic staff and programs!

a.  Boys & Girls Club members are 25% more likely to graduate from high school, and are three times more likely to volunteer in their community!
b.  100% of every Tax Credit Dollar goes directly to support programs and opportunities provided for our more than 36,000 youth and teens at our 11 East Valley branches each year!
c.  80% of Club Alumni say the Club had a positive impact on their attitude towards fitness and health!

Download Arizona CharitableTax Credit and Arizona Public Schools Tax Credit Brochures by clicking images below.
Arizona Charitable Tax Credit